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San Miguel Rich List

The idea

Icicle-like stalactites. Cascading rocks. Dramatic, towering geological formations. What could be more thrilling than standing in the depths of a vast underground cave? This was an idea we had to bring San Miguel’s Rich List to life – a campaign designed to celebrate rich life experience over wealth.

The canvas

In order to prove that the best things in life are free, we created a bespoke immersive room across which we mapped mesmerising digital content – leading the audience through the life of not only a caver, but a sand artist, horse whisperer, filmmaker and guerrilla pothole gardener.

The physics

Confused? You should be. This was an unimaginable feat of 4D innovation – using not just powerful projections but aroma, physical props, blasts of cold air and acoustic effects, all designed to dazzle and distort the perceptions of the audience.

The experience

Judging by the 94% of people that returned to soak up the immersive experience a second time, this San Miguel stunt showed the world that money can’t buy you happiness. Instead, the audience were confronted with Mother Nature in all her raw, unadulterated glory. And herein the secret to lasting happiness lies.

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