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The idea

Girl Hub is a charity dedicated to championing the Girl Effect, an initiative that promotes the advancement of women in developing countries. To promote the launch of a new all-girl acting and pop band, Yegna, we produced a 3D video-mapping show on Ethiopia's National Theatre.

The canvas

We used the National Theatre, as it was at the centre of a five-day event in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. It was also to be the venue of Yegna's first live show the following month.

The physics

The band is made up of five girls who unite through music and radio to champion female empowerment in Ethiopia. Each member has her own distinct personality, so each had to be represented in the projection. To do this, we green-screened the girls and incorporated them into a video-mapping show, alongside other striking 3D effects.

The experience

Since the launch, Yegna have gone on to release two singles, while their bi-weekly radio show is broadcast on Sheger FM in Addis Ababa to over 20 million listeners.

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