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Mountain Dew Green Screen

The idea

Mountain Dew was looking for something different to pep up their exclusive 'Green Screen' cinema events, so we created a unique 3D mapping show using the auditorium's existing screen. Green Screen events are VIP screenings of superhero movies with Mountain Dew goodies and competitions, so we drew inspiration from the comic book genre and Mountain Dew's electrifying green palette.

The canvas

Usually we use buildings, everyday objects or custom-built sets as our projection canvas, but in a cinema auditorium the only projectable surface is the cinema screen itself. Flat surfaces are notoriously difficult to project realistic 3D imagery on to without the help of stereoscopic glasses, but we used a combination of punchy graphics and optical illusion to achieve an eye-popping overall effect.

The physics

We used the cinema's actual projector with one of our custom media servers to cover the screen, and supplemented the projection with some additional uplighters. These were choreographed to the content, creating a totally immersive experience around the audience.

The experience

The projection was designed to look like the opening credits of the film, so audience members were taken by surprise when an alien force started 'pushing through' the screen. The projection then sent the audience on a journey featuring - amongst other things - intergalactic space battles and giant spiders.

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