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Madonna '#SecretProjectRevolution'

The idea

The Material Girl premiered her self-directed movie, #SecretProjectRevolution, across Europe in a series of guerilla projections. Hundreds of fans gathered across London, Paris, Berlin and Rome to watch the 20-minute collaboration with Steven Klein, which invited them to join #ArtForFreedom, a global initiative to promote freedom of expression. #SecretProjectRevolution explores government abuse through interpretative dance, so guerilla projection was a fitting medium for the film.

The canvas

The film was shown on walls and buildings all over the world, in Europe, North America and Australia. Projection Artworks covered the European leg, scouting out high-footfall sites in London, Paris and Berlin.

The physics

Logistically, the project required a lot of research into locations and a carefully planned site matrix. Once we had the sites nailed down, our street teams were deployed to spread the word of #ArtForFreedom.

The experience

Madonna posted the locations of the screenings exclusively on her Facebook page, notching up over 60,000 'Likes' and 2,000 'Shares'.

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