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BT Infinity

The idea

Ultra powerful. High speed. Strong enough to work without the need for a booster. BT’s global wi-fi service prides itself on being all of these things. So we needed to create a suitably powerful, punch-packing campaign to do it justice.

The canvas

How? By purpose building BT ‘homes’ in four high footfall locations, across which we mapped content designed to stop passersby in their tracks. Projecting scenes of domestic family life that the audience could control through a screen, and overlaid with exploding, shattering bricks, this show delivered on imagination, audience participation and a good dose of unexpectedness.

The physics

From shocking the virtual families with a drone fly-through to pumping up the household sound system, our custom-built interactive server triggered various parts of digital content and allowed the audience to interact with this household scene in front of them. The content was created with real actors and even a real pet dog, through green-screening and real-time sound.

The experience

This highly inventive BT showpiece captured the attention of commuters by the thousand as they made their way home from work. A familiar domestic scene with a series of utterly unexpected twists, it demonstrated BT Wi-fi’s capability to turn an ordinary home into a fast-paced, digitally groundbreaking one.

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