Volumetric pixel mapped display
The ultimate story of convergence of display technologies
The brief was bold: create a window attraction so eye-catching that it would stop people in their tracks - using string and projection-mapping. We knew we could achieve this having previously overcome challenges of projecting during daylight with our ground-breaking projection mapping installation for Faberge in Harrods – but just because we knew it worked, didn’t make it the right choice. 

We were working with both the creative design and physical build. The creative didn’t need to be too complex or high resolution, so our tech and production team tested out new ideas in our London warehouse. They designed a beautifully pixel-mapped volumetric display, and it was decided that this was a much better approach to successfully fulfil our clients’ brief.

This is the ultimate story of convergence; as for content creation, we were utilising the same techniques as projection mapping. More interestingly, we used the same playback system and approach as we would use for projecting onto a building.

The lines between display technologies become ever more blurred.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
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