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The idea

Wavin, 'Experts With Water', asked us to boost its presence at Ecobuild 2015 with a number of innovative projection-based installations showcasing their pioneering work in stormwater management.

The canvas

The centrepiece of the exhibition stand was a 'thunder room', a rolling 270° storm experience that demonstrated to visitors how Wavin's water management system works from start to finish. Six other projections, which included four in a central four-way pod, showcased specific mechanisms pioneered by Wavin.

The physics

In total, the installations required 13 HD short-throw projectors, and four different media servers to process the animations. Load-in time was tight, but we used our exclusive MIMO Mapper technology to ensure a swift line-up.

The experience

Wavin staff found the digital product demos a great visual aid when taking delegates through complex water management technology, and the thunder room was hugely popular over the three day exhibition.

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