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Virgin Money

The idea

To launch Virgin's "quest for better banking", we created a video-mapping show inspired by the company's rich history of enterprise.

The canvas

We needed a central London building with wow factor for this job. The 200ft-tall Senate House in Bloomsbury fit the bill, with its unusual U-shape allowing us to create a truly immersive experience.

The physics

Taking advantage of the unique architecture of Senate House, we produced an immersive 270-degree rework of the new Virgin Money TV commercial. The surface of the building was completely covered with double-stacked projectors for extra brightness. Playing on Virgin's existing assets, we pulled all the elements of the empire together, before unveiling the brand new Money brand in a climactic finale.

The experience

The show went live at an event for hundreds of guests, including Sir Richard Branson himself, who swung a real Champagne bottle towards the projection to set it off. The video has since notched up half a million hits on YouTube.

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