SSE Hydro

The idea

The SSE Hydro, Glasgow’s new 12,000 seat arena, asked us to create a unique centrepiece for its Green Room. The space was an inflatable VIP lounge exclusively for SSE customers during the venue’s opening week.

The canvas

Our canvas was a multi-faceted 360 degree set that doubled as a beautiful water feature. It was custom-designed especially for video-mapping, incorporating a number of triangular extrusions for our animators to manipulate with light.

The physics

Audio-reactive ambient effects played on the set while bespoke software pulled in live tweets, Vine videos and Instagram pictures. The projection also reacted to sounds it picked up via three strategically placed microphones.

The experience

VIP guests interacted with the installation by sending in their thoughts, pictures and DJ requests via their social media feeds, but also by playing with the three microphones around the sculpture that triggered virtual ripples and other effects.