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Nike+ FuelFest

The idea

Nike asked us to create a video-mapping spectacular that reacted in real-time to the Nike Fuelbands worn by guests at a FuelFest event. The Fuelband uses a sports-tested accelerometer to measure movement in NikeFuel, a universal unit of activity developed by the sportswear brand.

The canvas

The event took place at Battersea Power Station, so we covered its entire length in projection: a record-breaking 400m in total.

The physics

The animation featured dramatic particle effects and graphic equalisers in Nike orange and green, and was powered by the levels of NikeFuel generated by the guests dancing inside. In total, 36 projectors were used, making the event the UK's biggest video-mapping show.

The experience

DJs initiated a girls versus boys dance-off, which generated over one million NikeFuel units - more than any other FuelFest in the world.

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