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The idea

For Concorde, icon of the sky, we created a stunning projection show and interactive experience at Concorde’s retirement home at Bristol Aerospace, bringing together British heritage and cutting-edge technology, inspiration for the next generation and a good dose of aviation nostalgia.

The canvas

Bristol Aerospace’s 200m² Concorde Hangar, featuring Concorde 216, the last model to fly, was an exciting space in which to let our imagination run wild. Creating projections on and around the plane – with its still-futuristic frame – our work celebrates Concorde’s history and reminds the world of its vast technological significance.

The physics

The creative was the driver behind this project, but the production element was fascinating, too. Divided into six stages, from fuselage projection telling the story of how Concorde was designed, to an interactive experience revealing the technical intricacies of the engine, our team worked on several elements simultaneously, while audio bites from engineers, pilots and stewards helped bring this triumph of modern engineering to life.

The experience

“There have been more US astronauts than BA Concorde pilots”, says a sign at the entrance to Bristol Aerospace. And while this says so much about the uniqueness of Concorde, the experience we created was equally so. Illuminating Concorde, both literally and metaphorically, while showcasing its remarkable role in aviation history, this is an educational, highly emotive experience for anyone interested in the art of flying.

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