New frontiers for exploration
Creating digital platforms, products, softwares and techniques: technology permeates all that we do.

Illustration Mapping
Combining illustration with intricate mapping technology, and bringing new potency to a traditional craft
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Virtual reality
We create entire virtual worlds with film or animation, incorporating the latest virtual reality technology, from Google Cardboard to Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear.
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Out of screen mapping
Leaping beyond the confines of a digital screen, this is moving digital content to surround and astound you.
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360° immersive rooms
Utterly absorbing, alternate worlds-within-worlds: be transported to another dimension.
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The technology behind the next generation of digital display, bringing flexible, daylight-visible mapping to retail environments.
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Stacked-box, sound-reactive installations that are customisable in colour and content and calibrated with social media feeds.
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Scaled model mapping
Bring scale models to life by adding intricate, interactive digital layers.
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Revolving Projection Vehicle
Specially modified for urban Motion Mapper takeovers, our RVP uses its on-board generator to power an ultra-bright HD projector.
RPV in action

Interactive Motion Floors
Dazzling, gesture-activated surfaces – brought to life through human movement.
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