Our process

We never know exactly where we're going to end up. 
But over the years, we've perfected a pathway that always leads to something special. It comprises 4 stages.

1. Idea

The brand objective always defines the idea. It's not about ownership, it's about excitement – but it needs to deliver value and get you the results you want. Beyond this, we'll break conventions, push limits, pull stunts and pack punches. If an idea lacks the potential to wow people, then it's not worth pursuing.

2. Canvas

The canvas illuminates the idea, whether it's a castle, conference set or concert hall. We seek out striking shapes and surfaces and consider the interplay between canvas and content. Is it a building, product, stage, lake, ledge or hedge? Can it crumble, splash, melt, bounce or explode? Our artworks always interact with their surroundings.

3. Physics

We know what methods and technologies produce the best results, and – be it engineering, interactivity, geometry, trigonometry or 3D visualisation – combine countless disciplines to put our ideas into action. Challenges? We love them. Problems? We solve them. And if something doesn't exist, we'll make it.

4. Experience

How do you describe the indescribable? All we can say is we leave nothing to chance. We consider all aspects of the show, event or exhibition, planning every detail with perfect precision, hearing, feeling and living it before it all happens. Your audience will be amazed, moved, engaged, even educated. And that's a promise.

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