Miniature Mapping in Minutes
Auto-mapping software
We’ve mapped full-size cars before for Jaguar Land Rover, Hyundai and Nissan, so when our 3D printer arrived the first thing we made was a miniature Land Rover to play with.

We’ve produced video-mapping shows over 400m long, but at just 23cm our new toy was definitely the smallest projection canvas we’d ever used. We mapped the car in a matter of minutes using our exclusive auto-mapping software, designed for pixel-perfect mapping without a digital 3D model. It works by automatically altering content to fit a set of points, which are manually configured using a specially designed interface.

Exact mapping is essential to the 3D effects we use. Without it, the graphics cannot properly trick the eye. In this case, we used spinning tyres and lighting effects to create the illusion of movement.

Filed Under: video-mapping, projection, software development
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