3D Street Art
Video-mapped perspective depth
We’re in the business of optical illusion, so we’ve always been fascinated by the amazing 3D chalk drawings by street artists like Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever. These incredible works are designed with painstaking precision so, when viewed from a ‘sweet spot’, the art aligns perfectly with its surroundings.

Justin Beever's 'Giant Snail'

We haven’t got much experience in chalk, so we decided to give it a go using projection. “We designed our 3D pavement art like we would any video-mapping projection,” says Gavin, one of our senior creatives. “We took a photo of the pavement and mapped the paving slabs to create the illusion they were falling away. The content alone looked pretty wacky because of the extreme angle, but once we’d lined it up on the pavement it fitted perfectly.”

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